Physical map of Turkey

Map of Turkey physical. Physical map of Turkey (Western Asia - Asia) to print. Physical map of Turkey (Western Asia - Asia) to download. There are different physical features of Turkey. These features are arranged on two main sections of land, 3% in Europe (Thrace) and the rest of the landmass, including Anatolia, in Asia and Istanbul is the main city on the planet straddled on two main lands, isolated by the Bosphorus path, which keeps running from the Black Sea through Istanbul and into the inland Sea of Marmara which courses through the Dardanelles and out to the Aegean as its shown in the physical map of Turkey. You can visit this place via Tourjy with great discount.

Map of Turkey physical

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Geographically, Turkey forms a natural land bridge between the old world continents of Asia, Africa and Europe as its mentioned in the physical map of Turkey. Mountain ranges extend in an east-west direction parallel to the north and south coasts, and these are a principal factor in determining ecological conditions. This also means that apart from the Asi river in Anatolia and the Meriç in Thracian Turkey, all Turkey rivers have their sources within its borders and flow into the sea, into neighboring countries or into interior drainages. Turkey has seven river basins. The principal rivers in the Black Sea basin being the Sakarya, Kizilirmak Yesilirmak and Çoruh. There are also several rivers with short courses but high water flows in the Eastern Black Sea region, such as the Ikizdere, Hursit Cayi and Firtina. The highest waterfall in Turkey is on the Totum river here.
Turkey also has two inland drainage basins. The first is the Central Anatolia basin which contains the Tuz Gölü (salt lake) in Konya, and the Yay, Seyfe, Kulu and several other satellite lakes as you can see in the physical map of Turkey. The major river in this basin is the Çarsamba which is outflow of Beysehir Lake and contributes a large volume of water for irrigation of the fertile Konya Plain, and is linked by a canal to Tuz Gölü. The Karasu, Incesu, Deliçay and Bendimahi rivers flow into the interior drainage basin of Van. There are waterfalls on the Bendimahi.