Old Turkey map

Map of Turkey old. Old Turkey map (Western Asia - Asia) to print. Old Turkey map (Western Asia - Asia) to download. The history of the Turks covers a time frame of more than 4000 years as its shown in the old Turkey map. Turks first lived in Central Asia around 2000 BC. Later, some of them left Central Asia and spread around, establishing many states and empires independent from each other within a vast area of Asia and Europe. These empires included The Great Hun Empire (established during the 3rd Century B.C.), the Göktürk Empire (552- 740), the Uygur Empire (741- 840), the Avar Empire (6-9 Century A.D.), the Hazar Empire (5-10 Century A.D), the Great Seljuk Empire (1040- 1157), and many others.
The Turks started to settle in Anatolia in the early 11th century by way of continual migrations and incursions. The Malazgirt victory in 1071 against the Byzantines literally opened up the gates of Anatolia to the Turks. It is following this date that the Turks fully conquered the whole of Anatolia and established the Anatolian Seljuk State there (1080-1308) as its mentioned in the old Turkey map.This was the first Turkish State in Anatolia and was sometimes called, after its capital city of many years, the Konya Sultanate.