Map of southern Turkey

Detailed map of southern Turkey. Map of southern Turkey (Western Asia - Asia) to print. Map of southern Turkey (Western Asia - Asia) to download. Rugged landscapes, antique cities, castles and classical theatres contrast with the sun-kissed beaches and a gentle sea in this picture-postcard holiday region. The Turks call the Mediterranean ‘Akdeniz’, or white sea. Others prefer to call this land of spectacular vistas the ‘Turquoise Coast’, in honour of its translucent waters – it is indeed this colour imprint that will stay in your mind eye. Once a neglected area where a trip from Antalya to Kas was a four-day journey by donkey, the quaint fishing-village appeal of much of the Mediterranean region has largely faded. But many towns retain evidence of their Greek origins with a central village square, whitewashed houses and wooden shutters as its shown in the map of southern Turkey. Many have typical Byzantine churches with a minaret attached that turns it into a mosque.

Detailed map of southern Turkey

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The coast can be conveniently divided into four sections, based roughly on the ancient kingdoms. Lycia, in the west, is undoubtedly the most scenically beautiful, with the wild Taurus Mountains plummeting to a coastline of cliffs and coves. Resorts are in every budget category from backpackers roughing it in tree houses at Olympos to the all-inclusive glittering resorts around Kemer as its mentioned in the map of southern Turkey. Pamphylia is bounded by cities, stretching from sophisticated Antalya in the west to Alanya in the east. In between is fertile agricultural land that inclines to golden beaches trimming the coasts. Fabulous archaeological sites such as Perge, Aspendos and Side balance the ancient and the contemporary.
Western Cilicia (roughly Alanya to Adana) has spectacular crags and cliffs and a hair-raising road to navigate. Alanya is the banana capital of Turkey, and the many medieval castles and battlements are evidence of a more bellicose past. Turn south into the Hatay and the region is quite distinct from the rest of Turkey, with a more diverse and Arabic-influenced cultural mixture. Patara as you can see in the map of southern Turkey was a powerful Lycian city that prospered from commercial sea trade. Today it is known for its 18km (11 mile) white-sand beach, the longest and widest in Turkey. The view from the mountain road above Olympos is enthralling enough to make you believe all the legends of the Greek divinities. The ancient city of Olympos (open access) is down a steep roller-coaster road of narrow hairpin bends. Antalya is the jewel of Turkey Mediterranean coast, naturally endowed with stunning beauty and a temperate climate for almost the entire year.