Western Turkey map

Map of western Turkey. Western Turkey map (Western Asia - Asia) to print. Western Turkey map (Western Asia - Asia) to download. From classical theatres and ancient cities to the thump of Turkish nightlife and the delights of sun-soaked beaches, the Aegean coast has attractions that will tantalise the inquisitive and fun-loving traveller. Follow the coastal road to investigate the march of ancient history, eat, drink and be merry in Bodrum or Marmaris, or set sail for a relaxing Blue Cruise on sparkling waters as its shown in western Turkey map. The northern Aegean coast is the beginning of Asia Minor. Over time, this long peninsula has witnessed much thrilling ancient history, including the superimposition of different religions, and even the most seasoned international traveller will be struck by the unparalleled geographical variety and historically significant attractions found along the coast.

Map of western Turkey

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Conveniently, most major sights are located along a shoreline road and are easily accessible from either Istanbul or the region main city, Izmir as its mentioned in western Turkey map. But the lush lowlands, more remote mountain villages and pine forests are worthwhile attractions in their own right. Izmir is also well located for visiting the limestone cascades at Pamukkale or touring Ephesus (Efes). Anyone on a cruise to Turkey will come ashore at the seaside resort of Kusadasi. Sights like Priene, Milet (Miletus) and Didyma are only a short trip from here. The nearest town to Ephesus is Selçuk, an attractive town with good accommodation and excellent restaurants.
South of Kusadasi as you can see in western Turkey map, the coast becomes more rugged with verdant coniferous forests and jagged rocks plunging down to the sand. Winding peninsulas are the gnarled fingers reaching into the sea. Flamboyant Bodrum, with its sombre Crusader castle, has the most vibrant night-life, and Marmaris, renowned for its pine-scented honey, has delightful restaurants that line the harbour. A loyal disco crowd convenes here, as well as international yachting enthusiasts. Both Marmaris and Bodrum are the ideal starting points for the sailing expeditions around the Gulf of Gökova, the famous Blue Cruise.