Turkey road map

Map of Turkey road. Turkey road map (Western Asia - Asia) to print. Turkey road map (Western Asia - Asia) to download. The total length of roads having hot mix asphaltic pavement capable of handling heavy axle loads including the motorways is 12,452 km in Turkey as of September 2011 as its shown in Turkey road map. Turkey has 0,54 highway density including rural roads. In terms of utilization of the intercity highways network, vehicle-km values increased to 10 percent, road freight (in tones-km) to 7,88 percent and passenger transport to 6,80 percent from 2009 till 2010. Turkey currently reaches to 21.227 km including motorways as of September 2011. A total of 1.104.388 road accidents have taken place in Turkey on urban and intercity roads, with total casualties of 4045, a total number of injured reaching 211.496 in 2010.
Road conditions have improved enormously over the last few years, with better surfaces and more and more dual carriageways as its mentioned in Turkey road map. On both single and dual carriageways there is usually a hard-shoulder area to the right of the driving lane, and often slower-moving vehicles pull into this to allow impatient drivers to overtake. Be very wary of doing this, especially at night, as you might find yourself ploughing into pedestrians or parked/broken-down vehicles. With continual road improvements being made countrywide, roadworks are often a (sometimes dangerous) nuisance – especially in the southeast. Sizeable archeological sites are usually marked by large white-on-brown-field signs, but side roads to minor sites or villages are often poorly signposted.
Turkey road network is extensive, with over 382,000 kilometers (nearly 237,000 miles) of roads as you can see in Turkey road map. By the end of 1999, 1,726 kilometers (1,070 miles) of this network consisted of motorways, and a total of 96,000 kilometers (59,520 miles) was tarred. The government has made strenuous efforts to extend and improve its road network, especially in the building of additional motorways. The economic crisis of 1998 and the earthquakes of 1999 caused some of these projects to be postponed, but they, and others, are expected to go ahead. Main toll roads include İstanbul–Ankara, İstanbul–Edirne; Adana–Gaziantep; Adana–Pozanti through the Cilician Gates; İzmir–Çeşme; and İzmir–Denizli.