Turkey national parks map

Map of Turkey national parks. Turkey national parks map (Western Asia - Asia) to print. Turkey national parks map (Western Asia - Asia) to download. In terms of scenic beauty rich in flora and fauna, or areas of great historical importance, Turkey 33 official national parks are of great interest to visitors as its shown in Turkey national parks map. In addition there are 16 areas which have been recognised as natural parks or nature reserves, which are valued for their aesthetic, botanical and scientific value and their cultural and natural qualities preserved. These natural areas can provide a welcome break from the busy atmosphere of Turkey cities and resorts. Turkey national parks are true wonders of nature but can also sometimes be true wonders of historical significance. From mountains to ancient ruins, valleys to secret coves.

Map of Turkey national parks

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Established as a national park in 1995, Aladağlar is located in southern Turkey and comprises the mountain range of the Anti-Taurus Mountains. With an area of over 55,000 hectares and an elevation of 3,500m, the giant national park stretches from the Kayseri province all the way to the Adana province as its mentioned in Turkey national parks map. Located in the Konya province in central Turkey, Lake Beyşehir is an important sanctuary for its 140 flora varieties and its more than 16 species of freshwater fish as well as water birds that thrive in its lake. Nemrut Dağı National Park, this mountain at an elevation of more than 2,000m is a national park with a whole lot of historic significance. Notable for its wild beauty, Köprülü Canyon gets its name from the stunning canyon that covers an area of about 366 km and goes as deep as 400m in certain places.